How to

How to Create Vehicle Graphics Using a PXLSRS Vector Template in Adobe Illustrator

Step 1: Change the Body Color

  1. Open Your Template: Open your PXLSRS template in Adobe Illustrator. Ensure that the Layers panel and either the Swatches or Color panels are visible.
  2. Select the Body Shape: Lock the highlights panel. Then, using the main or direct selection tools, select the 'body shape'.
  3. Change the Color: Use the Swatches, Color panel, or Eyedropper tool to change the body shape to your desired color. 

Step 2: Apply Graphics

  1. Prepare the Layers: Keep the highlights layer locked and select the 'Artwork' layer.
  2. Add Your Graphics: Paste, draw, or import your logos, text, or graphics onto the 'Artwork' layer. Position and adjust them to fit your vehicle design.

Step 3: Create Clipping Masks

  1. Hide the Artwork Layer: With the highlights layer still locked, turn off the 'Artwork' layer.
  2. Copy the Body Shape: Select the 'Body shape' and copy it to your clipboard. Then, lock the 'Base' layer.
  3. Paste the Body Shape: Make the 'Artwork' layer visible again and select it. Paste the 'Body Shape' above your artwork by using 'Edit > Paste in Place' or 'Edit > Paste in Front'. This will place the body shape over your artwork.
  4. Create the Clipping Mask: Select all of your artwork and the pasted 'Body Shape' on the 'Artwork' layer. Create a clipping mask by selecting 'Object > Clipping Mask > Make' or using the shortcut 'Cmd+7' (Ctrl+7 on Windows). Your graphics should now be clipped to the body shape.
  5. Edit Graphics if Required: To edit the graphics within the clipping mask, you can release the mask by selecting 'Object > Clipping Mask > Release'. Edit your graphics and repeat the steps above to create a new mask. Alternatively, you can double-click on the clipped graphics to isolate and edit them within the layer without having to re-clip.

By following these steps, you'll be able to create professional vehicle graphics using a PXLSRS Vector Template .